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Welcome to YourTV. Today, we are in a hyper connected world and to lose nothing news, our team has put online a new generation of webtv, less static it allows you to quickly browse the different playlists of the website from your tablet , smartphone and your computers. Power your video space from your channel Youtube by completing your playlists and build your video network. Collaborate with your partners, share and create personalized chain. Integrate also your advertisements, announcements or events ... YourTV supports the majority of the players and widgets of the current web as well as the streams diffused in Live, streamings ...

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API Youtube

Accessibility to all!

The websiteYourTV uses technologies directly from the Youtube universe. Our programmers develop with Apis Youtube as well as other technologies to offer you a unique experience. Video owners maintain full control of their content through their Youtube accounts.


Youtube ... and its billions of videos!

Unlike the majority of existing webtvs, does not have a maximum number of videos on his portal. 98% of these are hosted on the Youtube platform by their owners or owners. The programs are very varied on the site, they are different according to your geographical location, the day and the local time ...


Tablets, smartphones, computers ...

The management of your webtv has been simplified to the maximum, it is done directly from your Youtube account. A simple web connection from your smartphone, tablet, computer is enough for real-time editing of your webtv. So keep your listeners loyal regardless of your availability!


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